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Ammini College of Engineering is committed to promote Research interests among students. We , at ammini, have continious taken efforts to introduce systematic study and innovative product development. The projects undertaken by our students in various fields clearly indicate the potential that our institution has in building a Center for Research in Engineering.

Research News 


NANO WIRES : Bringing next generation semiconductors

Integrated circuits could be fabricated by combining atoms of semiconductor materials into NANO WIRES . Researchers in US have deviced a nano wire three dimensional transistor that could pave wave for exciting opportunities for integrating and developing new waves using semiconductors such as gallium nitride that cold be built on silicon substrate 



Holes in Sun : NASA spots a hole larger than jupiter in Sun

Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) spacecraft of NASA recently observed a square shaped " hole "on the surface of the Sun. The coronal hole is an area where the solar wind is streaming out of the Sun at superfast speeds, researchers said....


New research claims Antartica moving downwards 400 Km 


Ice melting in Antartica is said to have serious impact towards our environment and the loss of Ice makes the earth moving at a very rapid rate for hundrends of kilometers. An international research team led by Newcastle University, UK, has explained for the first time why the upward motion of Earth's crust in the Northern Antarctic Peninsula is currently taking place so quickly.Previous studies have shown the Earth is 'rebounding' due to the overlying ice sheet shrinking in response to climate change.This movement of the land was understood to be due to an instantaneous, elastic response followed by a very slow uplift over thousands of years.