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  • 17-03-2017 : Airtel India Limited Placement Drive CSE, ECE and EEE department students- 2017 batch
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KTU_Old Question Papers_B.Tech_Semester 1 & 2


Semester 1&2
Sub Code Subject Name Jan-16


July-16 Aug-16 Jan-17

May- 17

Dec-17 Jan-18 Jun-18 Aug-18
MA101 Calculus     NA             
PH100 Engineering Physics           
CY100 Engineering Chemistry          
BE100 Engineering Mechanics        
BE110 Engineering Graphics        
BE101 01 Introduction to Civil Engineering NA        
BE101 02 Introduction to Mechanical Engineering Sciences NA        
BE101 03 Introduction to Electrical Engineering NA        
BE101 04 Introduction to Electronics Engineering NA        
BE101 05 Introduction to Computing and Problem Solving NA          
BE103 Introduction to Sustainable Engineering NA        
CE100 Basics of Civil Engineering        
ME100 Basics of Mechanical Engineering        
EE100 Basics of Electrical Engineering          
EC100 Basics of Electronics Engineering        
MA102 Differential Equations NA NA        
BE102 Design and Engineering NA NA        
CS100 Computer Programming NA NA NA NA NA