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KTU_BTech_Electrical & electronics Engineering_Question Papers_Semester 3 to 8

Semester 3
Sub Code Subject Name Nov-16 Jun-17 Nov-17 Jun-18 Dec-18 Jun-19 Dec-19 Jun-20 Dec-20 Jun-21
Linear Algebra & Complex Analysis
EE201 Circuits and Networks                
EE203 Analog Electronic Circuits                
EE205 DC Machines and Transformers                
EE207 Computer Programming                
HS200 Business Economics                
HS210 Life Skills                
Semester 4
Sub Code Subject Name Jun-17 Dec-17 Jun-18              
MA202 Probability Distributions, Transforms and Numerical Methods                  
MA204 Probability, Random Processes and Numerical Methods                  
EE202 Synchronus and induction machines                  
EE204 Digital electrncs and logic design                  
EE206 Material Science                  
EE208 Measurements and Instrumentation